Maggart & Associates is a full service cathodic protection/corrosion engineering company. We approach corrosion prevention by engineering cathodic protection systems for buried or submerged structures including Pipelines, Tanks (UST’s and above ground), Marine Structures and any other structure that is subject to the corrosion process.

Corrosion Prevention for above ground structures is a priority. Construction and maintenance costs to keep an exterior structure safe from structural damage is critical. Maggart has acted as coating inspectors and engineers to recommend and inspect the application process on all type of critical structures including Water Storage tank interiors, bridges, cooling water and process piping and many other mission critical equipment.

Corrosion is an inevitable consequence of using any metal to construct or reinforce a concrete structure. This simple process has caused much loss of assets and life throughout the history of the industrial and transportation complex around the world. Bridges, Elevated walkways buildings and any other structure made of metal or reinforced with metal will eventually corrode to its failure.

More cost is attributed to corrosion and corrosion prevention than any other naturally destructive force including fire and earthquakes.

Let us use our extensive experience to help you with a solution to any corrosion problem.

Corroded Pipes Under A Bridge
Waste Treatment Facility
Potable Water Storage Tank
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