Requirements for Underwater Storage Tanks (USTs)

In 1988, EPA issued Underground Storage Tank regulations divided into three sections: technical requirements, financial responsibility requirements, and state program approval objectives (as described below for USTs).

Maggart and Associates make your UST compliant with all Federal, State, and local municipality regulations. We provide our NSF certified solutions specific to your system.

  • Technical requirements for USTs
    EPA’s technical regulations for USTs are designed to reduce the chance of releases from USTs, detect leaks and spills when they do occur, and secure a prompt cleanup. UST owners and operators are responsible for reporting and cleaning up any releases. See Preventing ReleasesDetecting Releases, and Cleaning Up Releases. EPA produced a 36-page booklet Musts For USTs that clearly presents the UST regulatory requirements.
  • Financial responsibility regulations for USTs
    EPA designed the financial responsibility regulations to ensure that, in the event of a leak or spill, an owner or operator will have the resources to pay for costs associated with cleaning up releases and compensating third parties. See Financial Responsibility. EPA produced a 16-page booklet called Dollars And Sense that clearly presents these regulatory requirements.
  • State program approval objectives
    Subtitle I allows state UST programs approved by EPA to operate in lieu of the federal program, and EPA’s state program approval regulations set standards for state programs to meet. See State Program Approval (SPA) for more information. States may have more stringent regulations than the federal requirements.

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