Some of The Causes of  Corrosion

  • Presence of moisture or wet immersion
  • Presence of NaCl (table salt), CaCl2 (road salt) or other salt
  • Presence of oxygen
  • Susceptible material (most commonly iron and aluminum alloys)
  • On anode side of electrolytic couple
  • Lack of or damaged protective coating including paint, plating, dip galvanize, oil
  • Exhausted sacrificial anode in cathodic protection system
  • Corrosive aerosols in the air

The word corrode is derived from the Latin word  corrodere, which means “to gnaw to pieces.” The general definition of corrode is to eat into or wear away gradually, as if by gnawing. Cathodic protection prevents the corrosion (wearing away), and extends the life of piping and tanks.

Our cathodic protection is a NSF comprehensive solution

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