Underground Storage


Underground Storage Tanks

With the passing of the December 22 1998 deadline for UST upgrades you should observe the following:

If you have the UST system with a Corrosion Prevention system such as Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, Galvanic Cathodic Protection (STIP-3) or other type of Cathodic Protection System you should be in possession of a Certification less than three years old that shows the system meets the requirements of your state for the design and testing of that system. For example if you have STIP-3 tanks you should have a test certification done by qualified corrosion personnel that shows that the tanks have been properly tested and have passed. Thus you must have your system tested every three years and maintain proof of that test. Some states require the last two test reports be on file at the location.

If you have an impressed current system you should have the above documents and also have a log book which has readings of the rectifier every sixty days to indicate the system is working.

If you filed for temporary closure in 12/22/98:

In most states if filed for temporary closure rather than performing an upgrade, you must upgrade before 12/22/99 or permanently close the tanks. If you need your tanks tested and the location is in the southeastern US email us for a proposal on testing your system. If you need to upgrade your tanks then please feel free to email us or fax a site sketch to 404 414 4200.

Requirements vary for each state, check with your state for regulations or if in the southeastern US email or call us for more information.